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Antifungal Foot Cream

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10 in stock


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Foot Cream with Silver Ions

The innovative cream composition is based on liquid crystal technology, which includes a patented ingredient in a high concentration of 2% of liquid and silver ions Dermosoft® Decalact, which have antibacterial properties as well as protect the feet from fungal infections. This cream has multiple active actions: it prevents sweating of the foot and eliminates the smell. Natural avocado oils, olive oil, lanolin, vitamin E and aloe vera juice contained in the cream care and regenerate the skin. New generation 5% urea provides better penetration of the active ingredients into the skin. The pleasant aroma of the cream provides comfort during use and thanks to its consistency you are completely absorbed.

The antifungal and antibacterial effectiveness of the cream has been confirmed by independent laboratory tests.

Use: Apply the appropriate amount of product on clean and dry skin of the feet. Then massage until completely absorbed. Use PODOFLEX® Antifungal foot spray regularly 1-2 times a day or only at night and during the day.


Recommended: Recommended for daily foot care for people involved in sports, travel and adolescence.



The company PODOPHARM Sp z .oo based in Poland is a company founded in early 2014. Its mission is to deliver innovative solutions for the development of podiatry and podiatry. PODOPHARM PROFESSIONAL, MED & THERAPY are professional product lines, developed in collaboration with Podiatrists. The products have been dermatologically tested and received a positive opinion for use with special interest in diabetic patients to whom we give more interest as you require more care in their lower extremities. Their effectiveness was confirmed in the clinical application and in the aesthetic tests carried out by independent research bodies and experts in the fields of medicine and aesthetic industry. They refer to the CPNP (European Cosmetics Notification Portal). Podopharm products are distributed in 20 countries! Our effort for continuous development and consistent application of our values ​​makes us a company that is valued in the industry. Having 34 innovative products, 3 patents and over 20 awards and distinctions we can be proud of and brag about. In the company you will find products with vegan texture and without parabens. None of the products are applicable to animal testing.

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