The footprint (the examination includes standing and walking on a special pad) analyzes the loads of pressure and the inclinations of the foot, standing and moving, explains Roi Petropoulou, Graduated Podiatrist from the Academy of Podiatrists of Greece and a member of the Hellenic Podiatry Association.

The analysis of the measurements is recorded on a computer and their final evaluation is done by the specialist, who if he deems it necessary, will recommend the use of special orthotics, which will be made exclusively for you based on your footprint.

The use of orthodontic soles is aimed at balancing the forces exerted on your body when you walk, to better absorb vibrations, to facilitate your daily activities and to reduce muscle fatigue.

From the examination to the construction of the orthotics, the measurement and recording of the pressures is mediated with the use of a digital foot scanner through a computer. The evaluation of the data by specialized scientific staff, recording of the deviations in the kinetic diameters and diagnosis of the possible diseases. Then personalized design of the orthotic product through special design software (Computer Aided Design).

The final stage is the finishing of the treated material. Handmade construction by cutting and shaping the skins as well as assembling the individual pieces of the shoe.