Europian Region

Kolonaki's Podology Center Kalliroi Petropoulou

The EPS / R1 Pedometer with Motion Sensor and Gait Analysis Software and joint mobility is a unique combination of pressure platform and motion analysis sensor that enables the doctor to have a complete picture of the patient's recovery progress. The main difference and innovation of the system is the great flexibility in the use the system can be used in any environment (small or large laboratories, indoors and outdoors) which so far is difficult. Stereophotogrammetry systems require specialized motion laboratories, expensive equipment and long-term adjustment and post-processing calculations.

It is not just a system or equipment, but a new methodology for obtaining a quantitative assessment of human mobility in a non-invasive and easy way, without restrictions. It consists of a pressure platform and an inertia unit (motion sensor) and different software applications for different motion analysis.